Wednesday, January 7, 2015

4 years

Today. Today marks 4 years. It doesn't feel that long though, to be honest. I can still remember where I was standing in the house when I was told over the phone that my 8m old baby had cancer. I can remember what outfit Grayson had on.
Those feeling, emotions, all still very raw. Even 4 years later.
I could go into detail what all we went through, but if you haven't been down this road, there is no way in hell you would have a clue.
Today, I challenge you to not complain. Not once. Hug your children. Be kind. Be generous. Be thoughtful.
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Friday, January 2, 2015


I stopped blogging almost 2 years ago with the intent to never come back. I had my reason. Mostly because it was so hard to go through the events of the day and then sit down after the kids went to bed and, in a sense, relive them. I guess in a 'normal' life that wouldn't be so bad and could even be entertaining. In my our life things aren't exactly 'normal' even though G has ended treatment and we only doctor every few months.
I am still not sure what has brought me back to blogging, but here I am! I hope to post weekly. =)

Promise to self

Dear self, I promise to always be a light for my children, even on days that feel incredibly hard. To encourage every bit of their hearts ...