Saturday, August 11, 2012

We can officially say - Grayson is DONE with chemo! Thursday was his very last day!! I keep thinking about the damn scans though! Blah!!! Big "Fuck You" to cancer! Oh, and I know this sounds crazy, but the 'end' of treatment is really going to be hard to adjust to! I swear I'm on a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs every few minutes! I thought the oncologist was kidding when she said a lot of parents have a really hard time at the end of treatment. Who would have thought?!  LOL

Exactly 14 months!

Looking forward to not having to spend so much time at the Oncology clinic!!! Yay!! We do go back in 6 weeks for a followup and they are throwing a little party for him there. Isn't that sweet?! So much fun!!

I am trying to think of things to distract my mind from wandering to those anooying and fun-sucking 'what if' thoughts. I know I do need to start getting school supplies and clothes for the girls. They are coming back on the 26th and school will start on the 4th. I'm going to let them pick out some stuff and will have to wait for stuff like shoes and jeans to make sure they can try them on first. So now I just need to find something to do in the mean time! I feel like I need to go do something, but Grayson has to wait at least 3 weeks before we go do anything to extremem with lots of people/kids. He needs some time to get a decent ANC and let that immune system start to bounce back.

Tis all for now,
Laters =)

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  1. He looks absolutely gorgeous. Sorry I've lost touch. I look forward to reading progress reports. Onward and upward for the little angel!


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