Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This and That

Grayson has been neutropenic the last week so we are on the lovely 'house-arrest.' Must say it gets boring, fast! Grayson didn't get chemo last week due to the low ANC level so now our end date of chemo is pushed back at least a week. Tis life! I'm sure it's because I have a countdown and a party planned, right?! lol
I've had a ton of orders lately so I've been super busy at night keeping up with those and I even managaed to get one school shirt done and matching necklace! Go me! Pretty sure Riley will love it!
Super cute!! Going to make some lounge/PJ shorts tonight for them. Seriously those take like 15 mins each lol. And, you can never have too many pairs of jammie shorts! :) I'll post pics of those and other projects as well.

Also picked up this beauty the other day...isn't she so pretty?!

Right now its hanging up and it's gorgeous as is, eventually I will do something more with it!

The twins have hit their 'terrible two's'...I must say, it's still hilarious to watch them! They get in each others faces and yell in their own little language and then go separate ways whining, but then a few seconds later are cuddling and laying on the same pillow. LOL! I take lots of video so I can show them just how funny they were when they were little.

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Laters ;)

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