Friday, January 6, 2012

My heart is heavy and I feel as many emotions as one could possibly feel. A year ago today, we were living our lives and didn't have any idea that tomorrow would be the day that changed our whole lives!

A Year ago yesterday, Grayson had his very first MRI. It was only an option for us, and the neurologist did not push us into wanting it done, we just felt we needed to go ahead and have it done. That way we would know for sure what was going on. --If you don't know his history or our story, or simply don't remember, Grayson was 7 months old and not sitting up and having tremors bad. They thought he had a stroke after lots of labs and testing ruled out any other disorders. Therefore the MRI was to prove/disprove the stroke.-- 

Tomorrow marks exactly 1 year to the day, that we got that phone call from the neurologist. The one no parent ever could possibly prepare themselves for. I remember him telling me he hated to tell me over the phone but he HAD to. He then proceeded to tell me that the MRI showed a "mass" in the middle of Grayson's brain stem. I can still feel every feeling I had during, and after, that phone call. I feel numb, scared, sad.....everything. I felt like our world had just completely crumbled around us and nothing would ever be the same. It hasn't...

Our neurologist saved Grayson's life. Had he not supported us in our decision to have an MRI done, even though MANY doctors advised against it, Grayson would not be here with us today. Thank you, Dr. Feyma! You are an amazing neurologist and we love you!

I think back on this year since his diagnosis and it's been unbelievably hard. Mentally, physically, emotionally....everything. I've found a strength in myself, and in my family, that I didn't know existed. It's been horribly hard! Grayson's diagnosis date marks a death...the death of how our life used to be and the dreams and hopes we once had.

We need lots of love, help, and encouragement during this journey!

I've added some links. Hope you enjoy and remember, I love and need to hear from you, whether you think I don't like you, or you were an enemy at one point (lol). I need and want to hear from everyone! It keeps me going!!!! =)

Here is my journal entry a year ago. I had no idea how hard it would be to travel this road!

This page is set up so you can easily leave us or Grayson a message. We will also have some fundraising info here shortly!! Become a fan of the page and be a part of Grayson's Hope!

Tomorrow we mourn the death of our old life, that took place one year ago, but celebrate and embrace our new life. We keep our hopes high and our faith strong!

I have included a slideshow of our journey through 2011.

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  1. That is an awesome video and one you will cheris and be able to add onto forever. Thinking and praying for Grayson and your family! And always remember your doing an awesome job with all you have to go through. You are one strong MOMMA!! ((HUGS))