Monday, January 23, 2012

Grayson has been fighting this nasty cold for nearly 2 weeks. It's got him so congested he can hardly eat! Poor lil man! It didn't seem to phase him at dinner though hah! He ate like a champ! I love seeing him eat lots and lots. Buddy even ate all his "baby trees" -broccoli!
We were gifted this beauty by grammy and it came in the mail today!
I snapped a pic before I had her fully assembled and apparently didn't take one after, oops. I tried it out and it works so nice! Clean up isn't bad either!! Yay!! Thanks, Grammy!!! <3 Now I'll be searching for all kinds of recipes so if you have any delish ones, email me!!! ;)

Yesterday the twinkies turned 20 months old....20 months!!! How crazy is that?! Which means in a short four months they will be 2 years old!! Time to start thinking of a theme for the party!!

Emma wouldn't smile (imagine that!), and Grayson is showing off his new "cheese" face! LOL! He was saying "eeeeeee" while he did it too haha hes so silly!!
Haven't been up to much around here lately. Just hanging out and having lots of playtime! Loving mommy and kiddo time =)

Grayson loves his turtle,as you can see, and I have to admit so do I. He wakes up super early, we're talking 5am! Now instead of crying like he used to, he just sits and plays with the turtle now! Sure makes me happy to get that extra half hour-hour of sleep!!! Grayson has even said, yes SAID, "turtle" and crawls around looking for it. Loving that hes becoming more verbal.
I have a confession to make. I am addicted to Pinterest....phew!~ I feel so much better getting that out and in the open..........soooooo if you are on pinterest, follow me ;) If you need an invite, leave your email below or message me on facebook and I will surely invite you to join me in Pinterest Land!

Have a great evening, and remember....
Choose Joy! =)

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