Thursday, January 19, 2012

The cold icky winter weather finally found Minnesota! It has been bitterly freezing the last few days, we're talking at least -10!! AHH! I was sooo not ready for this! BRR!! I am not one for the cold temps :/
We also were visited by a nasty cold virus. So far nearly all of us have caught the darn thing! Grayson was the first and its spreading down the line and back.
It's already Thursday, again. Chemo days blow! Just saying... I hate that my little baby will be sick for the next 2-3 days and I will need to give him meds every 4 hours to make him feel better. I can't wait until we are hopefully cancer free this summer and remain cancer free!!

I was given a link to a youtube video that has my mind a spinning! A very sweet lady *rolls eyes* voiced her opinion on the 'Bald & Beautiful Barbie.' She basically stated she though it was a bad idea and one comment she made just stuck in my head, "bald and ugly." How can someone think that of a child? The worst part is, I'm sure there is others like her!
Now, I am off to attempt to watch Greys Anatomy. There is going to be a case of a kid with a brain tumor that is deemed inoperable. Sounds like I'm setting myself up for a good cry session huh?! haha! Have a good evening all!

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