Thursday, December 15, 2011

You Know You Are the Mom of a Kid with Cancer When...

I have been feeling really lost lately and even a tad lonely.  Awww :( hehe
No, it's true though. I don't really talk to many people and if I do its usually my mom or dad maybe once a week for 20 minutes or to a few friends on facebook occasionally. But even most of them don't talk to me much anymore. I think its still a factor where people don't want to say the wrong thing, because I am a mother of a child with cancer. Psh! I'm a good place mentally with it all and I can not change the life we have but I can and will make the best of it. SO...The only other person to talk to is the hubs and we just seem to not talk much anymore right now. We are raising 5 kids and Grayson takes up 99% of our time and conversations so it doesn't leave much BS time hah! My doctor has mentioned PTSD...I guess its common among parents of a child with an aggressive form of cancer or cancer in general. Nice huh!
I have recently joined a childhood cancer support group and I feel so much better! *Obviously a day has passed since the first paragraph! I told you, I'm horrible at posting haha*
This is a post I found on the cancer support blog lol, it makes me giggle!

 You Know You're The Mom Of A Kid With Cancer When . . .                 
1.  You carry a tube of EMLA in your purse instead a tube of lipstick.                 
 2.   Kids with hair look kind of strange to you.                 
 3.  You can sleep anywhere, and anything that reclines more than 15 degrees looks "comfy."                
4.  Your spouse asks what that sexy perfume is, and it's Betadine.                 
5.  You don't realize the sharps container is on the kitchen table until half-way through dinner.                
6.  You enjoy the drive at 3:00am to the emergency room because there aren't any other cars on the road.                 
7.  You can name all the equipment used on "ER."                 
8.  You can diagnose the patients on "ER" before the docs do.                 
 9.  You hear a truck backing up and you think the IV is beeping.                 
10.  You are so proud that your baby finally gets hair (and he is 8)!                 
11.  Your new bathroom trash can has "Hazardous Waste" written on it (recycled sharps container).                
12.  You can maneuver a double pole with six boxes and a kid riding on a tour of the hospital, and make it back to the room before the low-battery alarm sounds and the kid has to go wee-wee.                 
13. You realize you've been home two weeks from the hospital and you are still measuring pee.                 
14.  The nurses stop responding to the IV alarm, knowing you'll fix it anyway.                 
15.  You use EMLA to pluck your eyebrows.                 
16.  Your children ask what's for dinner, and you automatically reach for the hyper-al bag.                 
17.  Your 2-year-old knows where all of the medical equipment goes and how to use it.
18.  Your child's first word is a medical term.                 
19.  You keep a bag packed all the time in the closet like you're 9 months pregnant.
20.  You can eat with one hand while you hold the barf bucket with the other.                 
21.  Your 5 year old can read and interpret the printouts of her blood counts, and argues with the docs over the calculation of her ANC.                 
22.  You find yourself showing hospital employees shortcuts for getting around the building.                 
23.  Your latest embroidery project is a wall hanging proclaiming "God Bless Zofran." 
24.  You notice that all the bookmarks in your house are alcohol pad packets, and the bathtub toys include several different sizes of medical syringes.                 
25.  You ask your CPA if bribe toys are tax deductible.

HAHA!!! Sorry, I know most of you will not laugh and are probably busy googling what some of these terms even mean. GOOD! You shouldn't ever know what all of this means. It sucks, but I like to find the humor in it all and keep a positive attitude :) And yes, my husband and I giggled like little kids and nodded our heads as we read each line going "Mmhmm!"

I want to send out a HUGE Thank You to those amazing people we have in our lives that have remember our family this holiday season. The cards we have received as well as some gifts have made us feel so blessed. Its amazing how I can be soo down some days and all I have to do is look at our wall of hope and see the love others have for our family! Yes, I have ALL the cards we have ever gotten, hanging up on our wall <3 Thank you all soo much for your love and support this whole long year! You've helped me through so many hard times!


  1. praying for you! I cant imagine. :( I hope Grayson, and everyone else is doing great. You are in my thoughts and prayers during this time more than ever!!

  2. Always thinking and praying for the best outcome and of course a cure for Cancer. Keeping a positive attidue throughout the whole thing is definetly what will get you through and keep your family somewhat sane:) You are doing an awesome job trying to juggle all that has been dealt to you and the older kids are learning to enjoy the simple things in life which is great. Have a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours!! :) HEH