Monday, December 19, 2011

Project RACK

My girls have been learning a lot about kindness in school. They have been doing class projects that include everything ranging from anti-bullying to helping less fortunate families. So, as most of you know, we used the money we got back from our Christmas cards to do our own project at home.
We chose to do project RACK - Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. My girls really had a blast doing these things for other people after we have received sooo much help this year! It was nice to do a little paying it forward, although on a really small scale, BUT its the thought that counts!
So here are some of the things we did ...

All these goodies went to the Oncology Center in Minneapolis (where Grayson goes)!! Thank you Shannon for your donations as well! This is amazing!

 We taped some baggies with some quarters onto the dryers at the local laundry mat

We taped a few bags of popcorn to our local Redbox (these didn't last long, they were gone by the time we left the parking lot lol)!

Our last stop was at a center for pregnant teens and women and children that were victims of domestic violence. We brought some diapers and wipes and some gift cards for Caribou. The girls handed out some of their "Choose Joy" bracelets and I've never seen people's eyes light up as much as they did reading the bracelets and seeing us bringing gifts in general. Sometimes you just need to simply Choose Joy!
The girls loved doing these things today, which happens to be our Christmas Eve. It was a great day and Grammy approves of our day of RACK!


  1. That's awesome Jess! You guys are amazing!!

  2. I read your blog regularly and this was inspiring! You are so right that sometimes we must make the choice and be joyful. "Life isn't always was you think it ought to be...", that is the truth! Your family and your little boy Grayson are in my thoughts and prayers.