Saturday, December 17, 2011

Choose Joy

We woke up to a little dusting of snow this morning! I'm not sure who got more excited, me or the kids! It didn't stay for long, sadly. It was melted by 2pm. Booo!! It's looking more and more like it really with be a brown Christmas after all!
My Christmas cards finally arrived this afternoon. Only a week late! Well I will have them in the mail on Monday in hopes they arrive by Christmas lol. Sorry, I blame Walmart!!

Today I sent the older three kids outside to play while I cleaned and Grayson and Emma were so cute. They kept a close eye on the kids and watched from the dining room window, so adorable!

 Trying to sneak out and go play with the kids lol

Grayson is wearing his "Choose Joy" bracelet. For some reason the lettering didnt show up well in the photo.

Miss Emma decided she was going to take her first few steps yesterday and today! Finally!!

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