Friday, November 18, 2011


We have been so busy lately I haven't had a moment to sit and write. I've started many times but get so sidetracked I never finish the post. I've been planning things for the holidays, trying to set up appointments that work with out schedule, and not to mention the dreaded shopping list for Christmas gifts.
This year I don't want things to be stressful and chaotic. I just want it to be simple, fun, and stress free! I'm really looking forward to snow! LOL I know, I can't believe I'm saying this either, but hey, it always gets me in the holiday spirit :)

On Thursday, Nov 3 Grayson had his normal chemo appointment and got chemo and his levels were pretty low. His ANC was around 600 but his hemoglobin and platelets looked ok but were going down again. Even with all this, he was finally cleared for his first vacation!! He had the next 2 weeks off, so the doctor said that if we wanted to go out of town, now would be the time. By the time the 2 weeks is up he wont be cleared for holiday travel like we had really planned on. So, with that being said, we had to decide then and there if we were going to take a vacation. Hold your excitement please lol.  I know I sure couldn't! LOL We knew we wanted to take the kids, especially Grayson, to see the ocean. So Florida was our destination!!!
Grayson was given an "emergency care pack" from the doctor which has his size needles, meds, flushes, and instructions on how to access port. So even if he got super sick and we ended up in some tiny hospital, he could still receive the help/meds he needed. Also the oncology center here would be in contact via phone to advise what to do next and where to go if he needed to be hospitalized.
This was very comforting to know that even if we left the state things would still be ok :)

We packed up and drove, yes, DROVE to Florida! We left on Monday the 7th and got back on Friday the 11th. It was sooo nice and just amazing sitting on the beach in Florida. The first time Grayson seen a palm tree he was so stinkin excited! He kept pointing at them and cooing and just smiling soooo big! I can honestly say, he smiled the whole time we were in Florida. The palm trees and the ocean just calmed him and made him so happy. It made us ALL happy. We stayed in Jacksonville Beach and spent some time in St. Augustine as well.

St. Augustine Gator Farm

****Please pray for Grayson. He started acting funny/strange today (11/18). His tremors came back full force yesterday, after being "gone" for nearly 6 months! We hope this is not a sign of the tumor growing. TYIA****