Friday, October 7, 2011

Cutest pumpkins in the Patch

Riley has turned the big "8"!! Her birthday was on Tuesday the 4th, and she had school that day. We told her she can pick whatever she wanted to do when she got home from school and she knew right away what she wanted to do lol. She wanted to go to a movie with Jesse and Lauren. Oh poor Mama, she didn't want me to go haha!
So after school she opened her gifts and we ate dinner then had cake. Then, it was off to the movies! They saw Dolphin Tail in 3D and its been 3 days and I'm still hearing all about it! They had a blast :)

Just our family this year. With Grayson having cancer we can't be throwing parties with all kinds of germy kids (sorry to put it that way, I really don't mean it in a mean way). I explained it to her best I could and she didn't seem to be upset at all.
She was super happy :)
Buddy decided to help himself, apparently his piece was not big enough.

We went and got our pumpkins the other day! We wanted to go to a pumpkin patch but ended up just going to a place down the road. Here are some pics of our adventure.

Buddy picked his out right away and who needs to use your hands to carry it when you have a fireman hat ;)
Riley searched and searched for that "perfect" pumpkin. The rule is, you have to carry your own. Well she was kickin herself on the way to the car! LOL!
Stopped the kids during the madness to get a quick pic :)
Miss Emma wasn't sure about all the dirt and pumpkins. She only would touch the ones Riley brought to her haha!
This is the Proud Grayson and his pumpkin. He did not let anyone take it from him and its 3 days later and the pumpkin is in the pack n play with him as I type! He LOVES that thing! He's going to be heartbroken when it rots!

This year we are not going to carve pumpkins like normally. It was just too much work last year and the twins I'm sure will want to eat it again this year haha! So to save myself a day/two of cleaning, we are just going to decorate them by painting or coloring on them lol. Hoping to decorate this weekend :) I'm loving that Fall is here!! But someone needs to tell the weather this! Its too hot!

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  1. I love all the pics and Happy Belated Birthday to Lauren!! Nicholas's painted his pumpkin last year and he liked that way better :) (he hates touching the "guts" of the pumpkin :) ) PRAYING FOR MIRACLES AS ALWAYS!! HH