Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's been awhile since I've had the time to blog, apparently. Hmm, well things are crazy and chaotic around the house like usual. The girls have started school. Riley is in second grade now and Lauren has officially started kindergarten! Crazy! They both love their class and teachers, which is awesome! Lauren only goes half days, and it's the last half of the day which is odd! She goes 1-3:30. Just doesn't make sense to me! Luckily the school has something called kindergarten supplement which we do have to pay for but it is cheaper then daycare so we don't have to worry about her having to miss school to come to doctor appointments or paying an arm and a leg for her to go to our other daycare with Wyatt and Emma.
So she gets on the bus in the morning Wed-Fri with Riley. Mon-Tues we don't have her signed up for the supplement those days because usually they aren't doctor days so she gets picked up here at 12:30.

Trying to get a happy little schedule going around here but it kind of seems impossible with a family of 7. I do have that dream though lol!

If you haven't checked out my shop yet, head on over! Got an awesome deal going on :) Also some newly listed items on Etsy.

I have a new project at hand also. We came across an entryway storage bench with the coat rack and I am going to attempt to paint it lol. Pics to come. I'm really hoping to get it done soon and that it turns out beautifully :) 

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