Friday, September 30, 2011


Again, long time in between posting. My bad hah! Well Grayson is on his two weeks off of chemo, he has one more week of no doctoring or chemo! So nice! Hes been feeling pretty crappy since his last round of chemo and hes teething on top of that but overall hes doing ok. No crazy high fevers again which is good! He seems to be pooping [normally] again so I'm happy and so is he :)

We have been pretty busy. The girls are both in cheerleading now and they both really love it. I'm glad they wanted to be in something this year. Its fun for me to watch and its good for them :) Its just soo funny and cute watching them do their little cheers! My little cheerleaders :)

I've been wanting to take family pics for a long long time and it just is so hard to plan anything with our crazy chaotic schedule so I finally just said screw it and took them myself. Hope ya like :)

Did it all on our little itty bitty budget too. There was no way we were getting new outfits and paying for professional photos. Just couldn't happen. So I made the girls tutus myself out of tulle left over from our wedding last year. I made Graysons outfit too. Just made a vest pattern on some freezer paper and traced it onto some fabric then pinned in place on a onesie, sewed it in place, added some buttons and a bow tie and voila! :) The lettering we got at Joanns on sale. Also made the girls headbands.
So glad we got these done and the weather was so nice, cloudy, but that was fine for Grayson. These will be on our Christmas cards lol.

Hope ya all love the pics :)
We are hoping to get out this weekend and go to the corn maze. As long as the weather works with us :)

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