Monday, September 19, 2011

He's the Reason We Walk

Not much going on here the last few days. I like it :)
Things got crazy the last two weeks and Grayson was sick again. Had some ER time and it was sure scary. Grayson had a crazy high temp that spiked to 107! All is well now and he seems to be doing much better.
I'm busy busy with my shop and Id like to get lots more orders in asap. So you really need to stop by and check out ALL the super cute NEW designs I got in!! I'm so excited to get started on the holiday ones! Also, I had a new designer on board that is capable of adding names to my designs, so now you can get even more person and add a name :) LOVE it <3

We are planning a trip to the twin cities corn maze soon and I cant wait to get some good pics! Grayson will be on his 2 weeks off of chemo starting next week and I'm praying we can take advantage of it and do something! Financially we really cant. But I will think of something :)

Hope you all are having a great Monday and I just want to say "Thank You", again, to all those that have donated to Grayson's Acct. We appreciate it sooo much! <3 <3 Love, and God Bless <3 <3

If you are free on Sunday Sept, 25th you should really check out the CureSearch Walk in Minneapolis!! I am planning on walking with the kids if the weather is good :) Also you can donate if you are unable to attend! GREAT cause :)

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