Friday, September 2, 2011

Buddy's (early) 3rd Birthday

Yesterday was a good news day for Grayson and our family! About time huh?! Grayson's glioma has "stabilized" with the chemo as of now so that is just so amazing and honestly the best news we have heard in almost a year!
He will continue with weekly treatments of chemo as planned and will have another MRI in around 3 months.
Today he had his very first eye appointment. It was a very stressful visit but all was great with his eyes and we will need to go back in around 6 months to make sure things still look great.
My dad and step mom brought the girls back home last night and they spent the night so we could do an early celebration of Wyatt's birthday today. We all met up at Edinborough indoor park after Grayson's eye appointment and wow! It was a BLAST! The kids played for a few hours and then we headed back to the house to have some cake. It was a great day!
Here are some pics of Wyatt's Early 3rd Birthday :)
eating the "hay bales" which are coconut covered marshmallows

Buddy and Grandpa

The Edinborough indoor park, part of it anyways lol

He sure missed his sisters!

They are the same, but Grayson needs to mess with Emmas lol!
Henley (my step-niece), Grayson, Emma

Buddy's cowboy theme party!

Everyone had a great few days! When my dad and step mom were getting ready to leave, Buddy said, "Thank you for bringing my girls." LOL He sure missed them :)

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