Friday, September 30, 2011


Again, long time in between posting. My bad hah! Well Grayson is on his two weeks off of chemo, he has one more week of no doctoring or chemo! So nice! Hes been feeling pretty crappy since his last round of chemo and hes teething on top of that but overall hes doing ok. No crazy high fevers again which is good! He seems to be pooping [normally] again so I'm happy and so is he :)

We have been pretty busy. The girls are both in cheerleading now and they both really love it. I'm glad they wanted to be in something this year. Its fun for me to watch and its good for them :) Its just soo funny and cute watching them do their little cheers! My little cheerleaders :)

I've been wanting to take family pics for a long long time and it just is so hard to plan anything with our crazy chaotic schedule so I finally just said screw it and took them myself. Hope ya like :)

Did it all on our little itty bitty budget too. There was no way we were getting new outfits and paying for professional photos. Just couldn't happen. So I made the girls tutus myself out of tulle left over from our wedding last year. I made Graysons outfit too. Just made a vest pattern on some freezer paper and traced it onto some fabric then pinned in place on a onesie, sewed it in place, added some buttons and a bow tie and voila! :) The lettering we got at Joanns on sale. Also made the girls headbands.
So glad we got these done and the weather was so nice, cloudy, but that was fine for Grayson. These will be on our Christmas cards lol.

Hope ya all love the pics :)
We are hoping to get out this weekend and go to the corn maze. As long as the weather works with us :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

He's the Reason We Walk

Not much going on here the last few days. I like it :)
Things got crazy the last two weeks and Grayson was sick again. Had some ER time and it was sure scary. Grayson had a crazy high temp that spiked to 107! All is well now and he seems to be doing much better.
I'm busy busy with my shop and Id like to get lots more orders in asap. So you really need to stop by and check out ALL the super cute NEW designs I got in!! I'm so excited to get started on the holiday ones! Also, I had a new designer on board that is capable of adding names to my designs, so now you can get even more person and add a name :) LOVE it <3

We are planning a trip to the twin cities corn maze soon and I cant wait to get some good pics! Grayson will be on his 2 weeks off of chemo starting next week and I'm praying we can take advantage of it and do something! Financially we really cant. But I will think of something :)

Hope you all are having a great Monday and I just want to say "Thank You", again, to all those that have donated to Grayson's Acct. We appreciate it sooo much! <3 <3 Love, and God Bless <3 <3

If you are free on Sunday Sept, 25th you should really check out the CureSearch Walk in Minneapolis!! I am planning on walking with the kids if the weather is good :) Also you can donate if you are unable to attend! GREAT cause :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's been awhile since I've had the time to blog, apparently. Hmm, well things are crazy and chaotic around the house like usual. The girls have started school. Riley is in second grade now and Lauren has officially started kindergarten! Crazy! They both love their class and teachers, which is awesome! Lauren only goes half days, and it's the last half of the day which is odd! She goes 1-3:30. Just doesn't make sense to me! Luckily the school has something called kindergarten supplement which we do have to pay for but it is cheaper then daycare so we don't have to worry about her having to miss school to come to doctor appointments or paying an arm and a leg for her to go to our other daycare with Wyatt and Emma.
So she gets on the bus in the morning Wed-Fri with Riley. Mon-Tues we don't have her signed up for the supplement those days because usually they aren't doctor days so she gets picked up here at 12:30.

Trying to get a happy little schedule going around here but it kind of seems impossible with a family of 7. I do have that dream though lol!

If you haven't checked out my shop yet, head on over! Got an awesome deal going on :) Also some newly listed items on Etsy.

I have a new project at hand also. We came across an entryway storage bench with the coat rack and I am going to attempt to paint it lol. Pics to come. I'm really hoping to get it done soon and that it turns out beautifully :) 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Buddy's (early) 3rd Birthday

Yesterday was a good news day for Grayson and our family! About time huh?! Grayson's glioma has "stabilized" with the chemo as of now so that is just so amazing and honestly the best news we have heard in almost a year!
He will continue with weekly treatments of chemo as planned and will have another MRI in around 3 months.
Today he had his very first eye appointment. It was a very stressful visit but all was great with his eyes and we will need to go back in around 6 months to make sure things still look great.
My dad and step mom brought the girls back home last night and they spent the night so we could do an early celebration of Wyatt's birthday today. We all met up at Edinborough indoor park after Grayson's eye appointment and wow! It was a BLAST! The kids played for a few hours and then we headed back to the house to have some cake. It was a great day!
Here are some pics of Wyatt's Early 3rd Birthday :)
eating the "hay bales" which are coconut covered marshmallows

Buddy and Grandpa

The Edinborough indoor park, part of it anyways lol

He sure missed his sisters!

They are the same, but Grayson needs to mess with Emmas lol!
Henley (my step-niece), Grayson, Emma

Buddy's cowboy theme party!

Everyone had a great few days! When my dad and step mom were getting ready to leave, Buddy said, "Thank you for bringing my girls." LOL He sure missed them :)