Monday, August 1, 2011

Love Letters

I have been inspired to start writing love letters to my children. I think it's so adorable and creative and will be something so precious to look back on and tell stories to my kids when they are grown. This is my first try at it so let me know what you think :)
*the girls are up north for the summer having a blast. This pic is from my phone so not the greatest quality :P

Also, things have been starting to look up as far as Grayson feeling better. We are headed into the "good days" after the chemo rounds. Hes been eating good and I spend a lot of my days trying to get him to eat different things, well anything! Just want him eating. The MRI is scheduled for September 1st and Im praying hard that the tumor is smaller. At least give me some hope that the chemo is doing something!
My dad, stepmom, and the girls are headed here today!!! They will be here until Wednesday and I cant wait! It should be a blast! :)

*To see where I found my Love Letter inspiration head Here and also see others that have started doing this as well :) AND if you look closely you can see Miss Journey is wearing an outfit made by Me :) and she looks super cute in it!! :)


  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE these!!! And wow!! You did it for lots of kiddos!!! Good for you! Wow!!

    Thanks for linking up! Love it!! Especially your last one with your son in the swing. So cute!!

  2. Thank you! I had a fun time making them and im going to try and do more of these <3 so precious!