Monday, August 22, 2011

Grayson got his "new legs" (as dad calls them), on the 18th. When I first saw them I couldn't believe how small they were! They seem so tiny but they fit his legs perfectly. He has to gradually get used to them so we started out wearing them for a half hour the first day, then we double the length of time each day. So the next day he wore them an hour, the next was 2 hours, and the goal is to have him wearing them from the time he gets up until he goes to bed.
It started out OK, but Grayson doesn't like wearing them at all now. I think he feels restricted when he has them on. He has to wear shoes with the braces on and they seem large and heavy, so I'm going to look and try to find a new pair of shoes. He can wear "skateboard shoes" over the braces because they are wide. So looking for a pair of Etnies it sounds like. 
 He can stand and get around just fine without them on, but his legs don't stay straight and you can see he's weak in the ankles. So the braces are definitely needed but Grayson doesn't think so lol! Something we sure need to work with though.

Right now Grayson is on his 2 weeks off of chemo and Vincristine and he has sure bounced back! Hes causing trouble and being a boy that's for sure. Also it seems like he doesn't sleep much anymore. Its like hes making up for lost time while he was tired on the chemo lol! Just wish we could do things outside before it starts to snow hah!
I'm kind of looking forward to fall though. Love the chill in the air and the colors that come with it, just not the snow that comes after haha!

Well, let the countdown begin until the girls come home and school starts! AH! Cant believe both girls will be in school soon!! I think it will be fun, I know Lauren is excited. She will be in kindergarten!! Speaking of kindergarten, here they only go for 3 hours everyday....just doesn't make sense to me! I wish they would go every other day. Just irritates me!
We went to Walmart the other day and got all the supplies for both girls...WOW! Talk about expensive, and we went when they had almost everything on sale!

Made stuffed peppers the other night, and OMG YUM!!!
Stuffed Bell Peppers
Click here for a good recipe close to the one I use! :)

Yesterday I made my first attempt at hand dyed shirts/onesies. I think they turned out good~ Hopefully pics to come
Princess Emma did some more modeling pics. This is a ladybug costume lol so cute! :)
You can go here to see some more cute items from the shop she did this modeling for.

Well I better get going and hope y'all have a good day :)

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