Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blood Transfusion

Today we went in for Grayson's Thursday appointment like always and expected things to be like usual...
*port accessed and blood drawn for lab work
*head over to PT and hang out there for about half hour
*go back to our room and get results of labs
*get zofran via port (helps with neasau)
*wait for chemo to be made (about 20 minutes)
*get chemo via port/IV drip (takes 1 hour)
*get Vincristine push after chemo 
*get a patch on the back that also helps with nausea
*get flush and take out needle used to access port

Today things went a little differently. Started out the same, the access of the port and the labs drawn then over to physical therapy. PT went good and today Grayson was actually warming up a little bit though and he let her play with him. He really needs to work on stretching his right leg more and his weakness in that side is really showing now that the Vincristine is really make him weak. 
Then we were told that Graysons labs came back and showed that his hemoglobin level was pretty low. Like we were told last week that if it just keeps going down then he will more then likely need a blood transfusion. Well today was that day. His hemoglobin levels were just way too low so today he ended up getting a transfusion. It was a scary decision and I wasn't ready for it. I thought we would be able to have Jesse give blood to Grayson, which would have been do-able. But Grayson needed blood and he needed it today. If you donate it takes 72 hours before it can be given to the person. Ugh...sucky! So we had no choice but to give him blood from the blood bank. 
 Taking pics with Mommy like we always do :)
 Grayson LOVES looking at books :)
The Blood Transfusion
Also, Grayson's ANC levels were super low! The lowest I ever even thought they could be really. He was at 174, and remember, last week he was at 2600! WOW...I still cant believe it really! So with those numbers being that low Grayson couldn't get his dose of chemo and the Vincristine was only a half dose. So the major thing done today was the blood transfusion. Before the transfusion, Grayson's blood pressure was a little low also. 
Grayson was getting headaches that must have been lasting all day and he was sooo white and pale. Now hes got some color back from getting the transfusion and we are home!! We were given orders to not go anywhere this week. We cant bring him around any crowds of people and just need to kind of hang out. Grayson's ANC level is why, with levels like that he wouldn't be able to fight off anything and would/will get super sick. 
So hoping that Grayson starts feeling better and we have a good week chillin at home :P

We had the girls and my dad and step mom here Mon-Wed and it was a blast! Emma and Grayson were sooo happy...and not to mention Buddy. He couldn't contain his excitement from the second he saw them lol! He was in there face the whole time there were here hahah! It was a nice little break and we got to go and do our school shopping with the girls and Wanda. A HUGE Thank You to grandpa and Wanda for helping with all the school stuff! You guys have helped sooo much! 
 Emma was so happy to have Riley back. They just lounged and watched tv forever! lol!
And no, its NOT open haha! 
The girls hanging out!
The girls are back up north with them until the end of the month and then we are planning on getting together and all of us going to the State Fair! Its a countdown around here :P 

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  1. Can Jesse go in to the blood bank and go ahead and donate blood for Grayson and them just STORE hold it just for him in case he needs it again? I've heard of them doing it for other people, maybe something to look in to so if he needs it its already there and its the blood you WANT him to get w/o having to wait that 72hrs 'cus it would have already been screened :) Just a thought.