Friday, August 12, 2011

Been trying to learn how to edit and also use my camera properly...Im STILL learning lol!

Grayson's hemoglobin levels were good yesterday so that was nice and comforting! I was worried when we first went back that he might need another one already but he didnt. It was at 11.9! Awesome! His ANC level was back up a little to around 900 so he was still low but high enough to get the chemo again. He didnt get vincristine though because hes showing too many weaknesses at the moment which is caused from the vincristine so they held off on that this week.
Grayson had an appointment the other day for his legs. They are going to get him braces for both legs and they are little custom ones that are molded just for him and will be super flexible so he will still be able to move around a lot with them on. Nothing like the Forest Gump ones I had pictured in my head on the way to the appointment. The crazy downside...they cost $3200!! OMG! :( But he needs them so its just something we will need to work with.

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