Monday, July 11, 2011

Went to the park today and took some pics of Emma and Grayson. We weren't out long. Grayson has a rash that showed up today on his chest. It kind of looks like a possible heat rash but its so hard to tell whats normal and whats not with him anymore. It maybe my fault, he always seems cold lately so at his morning nap I covered him every time he took the blanket off (he usually wont sleep with one on). So maybe he gets too hot. Guess we will see.
Buddy fell the other day and got a horrible black eye! Hes been really clumsy lately and been napping well so I'm pretty sure hes going through some kind of growth spurt. He falls all the time and trips over almost everything, even his own feet lol! Poor dude, think this is his second black eye and its sure a good one! It was horrible, he was walking into the house and ended up falling and well then cheek bone met the edge of the cement step. Yeah, not pretty! He doesn't like to talk about it. He just says "SHH! Its better!" Lol!
Today Grayson wouldn't eat again. I tried a bunch of different things but he didn't want to try anything. He was at 99.3 today so I'm hoping the fever isn't trying to make another appearance! Not cool!

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