Sunday, July 10, 2011

Well as most of you know, Grayson ended up back in the hospital on Friday the 8th. He had a high fever and low counts so he got an IV put in right away and given another dose of the strong antibiotics. They checked him from head to toe and drew blood for labs. The doctor checked for a blood infection and had mentioned that Grayson was sure a sick boy. If his counts were lower he would be on the verge of neutropenia and that is almost always a mandatory hospital stay. 

So hubby took his 3 days off work already this week and today he had to go back. Grayson still isn't back to normal but has since broke his fever. It broke sometime yesterday and hes slowly starting to come around and wanting to eat. He is drinking better and I even got him to eat almost a whole jar of carrots (4oz).  Progress! I am soooo behind on sleep and just feel as if I have been run over by a truck. Hope I dont start getting sick. :/ well goodnight for now :)

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