Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today was another Thursday, which means doctor day. Grayson had a fever and we have to watch him closely or its going to be a hospital stay. Hoping the antibiotic that he got in the clinic today will help him fight off whatever it is and he is better by the AM. A hospital stay doesn't sound very pleasant!

Buddy took a digger today and gave himself a nice shiner. He tripped and fell hitting his cheek on the edge of the cement step outside the door. It puffed up nicely! Im sure he will wake up with a big black eye tomorrow morning.

Before....                                                                                   After!

Grayson was really crabby tonight and Buddy doesn't understand why he is so sick. He still tries to play with Grayson but Grayson just gets mad. So I took buddy to the park after dinner and he had a blast. On the way back to the house he ran through a friends sprinkler for a good half hour lol! We hadn't talked to them in a few weeks so it was nice to catch up. I met them through the Yellow Ribbon and her and her husband had came over a few times to help around the house. Super nice people! They even had a birthday present for Emma and Grayson, how cute of them! Buddy was so funny, he wouldn't go all the way through the sprinkler...just get close enough to get a few sprinkles lol. Oh and he took everything except his diaper off! LOL! So silly!

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