Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Been busy as usual around our place. Hubby had drill over the weekend and on Saturday we had a little army picnic at the armory. Grayson wasn't very happy so we didn't get to stay but maybe half hour. I felt bad but he wasnt having it. On Sunday Wyatt came down with something nasty! We had lil John over, his daddy is in hubbys unit. It started out good, but then around 9-10 am buddy grabbed a blanket and went to lay on the couch. Red Flag, not normal for him to take a nap in the morning without being forced. So i knew right away he was sick. I took his temp and it was 105!! Holy!! Did the quick cool bath and meds and got it down to 101, and there is where is stuck. As soon as the meds would wear off it would shoot right back up to 104 to 105. Once hubby and John got home we brough Wyatt into the ER and they did labs and tested for strep, being his tonsils were huge and red. Nothing showed up so they put him on an antibiotic just in case it was something in the works to try and stop the spread of it so it didnt make its way to Grayson. *remember his ANC levels are super LOW*

 "Dear Emma, This is the only time I (or your dad) will allow you to lay next to a boy. Love, mommy & Daddy"

He started feeling better the next day, but then of course Emma woke up with a temp. Hers was only around 101. She was super crabby and she also had a trip to the doctor. She had an ear infection so she is also on an antibiotic. The only one that isnt is Grayson! Seems sooo odd being hes the one that is immune compromised lol. But once again, hes a fighter! In between the chaos we took a quick trip to the park :)

Today we took a trip back to the Joke Joint Comedy Club and met Steve Campos, Tammy Nerby, and Suzi Kissinger and they presented us with our check from the benefit on the 17th. They are super nice people and we are so blessed to have met such amazing and caring people along our journey. We cant say Thank You enough to all those that have helped out our family in one way or another. Thank You!!! And of course a huge thank you to those that took the time and effort to make the benefit happen. We love you all <3 
This is the pic of us being presented with the check. Every little bit helps and we are so thankful for such caring donations!! 
And being the camera freak I am, I really loved the backdrop and used it as a photo op :)

Grayson goes in for round 8 (round 6 of chemo). We were told last week that being his ANC level was so low that this week he may be too low to get the chemo. He will still need to go in and get the labs done to see where the levels are and still gets the Vincristine push. He also has his first day of physical therepy tomorrow. Being that Wyatt came down with some bad "virus" last week we arent sure if we want them going to daycare  tomorrow and chancing them picking something else up. Im really leaning towards them not going, but then that leaves the horrible decision of who will go with Grayson. We both want to so its hard to make that decision...blah! 

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