Saturday, June 4, 2011

We had the twins first birthday party today. It was such a blast! We had lots of family come, which was so nice. Huge thank you to those that helped set up all the stuff and helped make it a GREAT party! The twins had a hard night and were up a lot and sick with colds. So we weren't sure how the party was going to go with them not feeling well, but over all they did good and had fun! Today was also daddy's birthday!

 These are cake pops that a friend of mine made. They were super yummy!! 

This is Buddy after we set up the cake pops and he snuck one lol 

The banners on the highchairs say "I am 1" with little monkeys on them. Super cute!

 Grayson did awesome and ate lots of his cake! Emma ended up being the one having issues with is LOL


 All this birthday party stuff is hard on a little princess! :)
After the twins were done with their smash cakes, John and I reused them on the hubby's face LOL oooh we love you! <3

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  1. Hahahaha OMG I love the pics! Love the ones of what looks like them almost holding hands awwwww!!! Love love love these! I hope it was a wonderful day out for you guys!! Happy birthday party day Grayson and Emma, and Happy Birthday Jesse! :) *love & hugs to you all!*
    ~Shannon, Dennis & Izzie Mae~