Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today was a very long and stressful day. We were up at 5am and dropped Emma and Wyatt off at daycare then headed to Children's in Minneapolis for Grayson's port placement and first round of chemo. We were there at 7am and got all checked in and ready. This time we had a good experience over all! Thankfully!! 
He went in at around 9am for the surgery and was done in exactly 50 minutes from the time he had left us. But he had to wait an extra 45 minutes in the room with them before he could come to us. It was hard to stay busy while waiting. Just seemed like time stood still. 
 on the way there
 chillin with mommy in the waiting room
 I see Graysons birthday!! Do you? ;)
 Hi world!! 

Finally he came back into the room and right back in my arms! He went right back to sleep lol! We had to wait over an hour for him to wake up a bit so they could take his IV out and "discharge" him over to the oncology area which is in a different building. 
 still sleepy
You can see his heart shaped bandage. The surgeons trademark :) nice little touch! and he was a very nice guy!
He has the heart bandage over one small incision and on his chest is the other incision where the port is actually at. Its a wider cut and you can see a lump where it is.  This is where they stick a needle each time to administer the chemo. 
We got over there and they had to do blood work. They can get labs right from the port so that is nice. No more poking around to find a vein! So they do the blood work to check all kinds of things, and this will need to be done each week right before the chemo. If his blood count is too low then they wont be able to do the chemo that day. We were informed that almost all the babies that get chemo will need at least one blood transfusion within the first three months of starting. So now we are worried about that! :(

But his labs were good this time of course and we started chemo. It is like an IV drip and it takes an hour and will each time. He was so worn out from the surgery that he actually slept through this round! So nice!! 

Also the from the chemo he is expected to lose his hair, lose weight, and be more likely to catch something (viruses and such) being that his immune system will be low. He was also sent home with 6 prescriptions; nausea meds, stool softener, Tylenol with codine, numbing creme, antibiotic to help prevent pneumonia, and one for acid reflux. So I need to get some kind of calendar just for meds or an app on my phone to remind me! 
It was a long day though. We got home around 6-630pm. I am super tired! Emma and Wyatt didn't nap at daycare all day either. I think Emma was worried about Grayson because as soon as she seen him she just kept staring at him like she was wanting to know how things went lol. They are so cute! 

As far as how long he will be on treatment...he goes in every Thursday for 10 weeks (2 and half to 3 hours each time) and then its 4 out of 6 weeks for i don't remember how long. Long time though. 

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that everything went well!! And the pictures are adorable as always!!