Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today was round 3 of chemo for Grayson. The appointment didn't go too bad, although Grayson was a little feisty and irritated. Things went pretty smooth for the most part. Grayson has to wear a little patch on his back now to also help with the nausea. Now he is starting to get the effects with it. Hes lost some weight and now we need to be careful because his immune system is definitely down. Need to watch for a lot of things like a fever (anything over 100.1 we need to bring him in right away), and kind of rash...and pretty much anything abnormal. They also said not to be surprised if next week he cant get his chemo treatment due to blood levels being too low. They said the chemo is doing its job and his levels are way down, so just need to watch it closely and hope he doesn't need a blood transfusion too soon. But that is also expected.
So this is what our life consists of now, appointments on Jesse's days off work and making sure to keep a close eye on Grayson in case we need to bring him in. It seems like Thursday through Monday are "sick" days for Grayson then by the time hes getting back to being himself, we have to head back in for the next chemo round.

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