Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today was round 2 in chemo for Mr. Grayson. We really werent sure what to expect. He was sick and in lots of pain this last week. Im just really hoping that was in part to blame on the actual surgery and port placement and not the chemo treatment itself. Otherwise we are in for a long year! 
This time around I feel that its going far. Some of the side effects are him being dizzy (which we notice when hes trying to crawl, he usually gets weak and falls over) and headaches, nausea, jaw pain (which hes had really bad, to the point he wont eat).  Being he cant talk, its super stressful just guessing what is wrong. 
This last week was total hell! To say the least!
Today was the first time we've seen them "access the port." Um, the needle was just huge! We have this numbing creme we put on the area before we go into the appointment and apparently it does what it says because Grayson didnt even flinch when she stuck it in. Jesse and I couldnt really watch. I did...but I dont really remember seeing it. Lol my brain blocked it out I think! 
But the treatment went well for the most part. Grayson was being his happy playful self and hes only had one dose of tylenol 3 and the anti-nausea meds. Hes supposed to get really sick and icky feeling today-the next few days. 
Hes such a little fighter! <3

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  1. Jessica- you are right- he is a fighter and we ALL will be there to fight with him! love that little man so much! the girls are good and having fun, and this is the least we can do for you and Jesse- we love having them and they keep us going? ha ha hang in there and if you EVER just need us to come down and give you a break say the word..
    love you lots- Dad and Wanda