Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things have just been really stressful around here and there is always so much tension in the house. So, yesterday we said to hell with it and packed up the van and hit the road! We went to Duluth, MN and got there around 4pm.
The first stop we made was at the place called The Depot. Which is a train museum! Buddy is obsessed with tractors and trains, so needless to say he was in heaven!
 Buddy the Conductor! he was in LOVE with the fact he could "drive" this train. It even made noise and lights flashed! it was crazy!
 the passengers :)
 Buddy in the Mail Car getting ready to deliver mail! :)
 He wanted this car too 
 Grayson was all shaded so the sun didnt get to him hehe! remember-he can not be in the sun with the meds he is on! :)
 Leading the way :)
 In their museum, hubby's unit :)
 Some crazy carved furniture
 Playing in the childrens center! It was soo cool!!
 And they think we're just fishin...
 Row, row, row your boat...

 Some of the little shops they had, love looking at old stuff :)
My boys driving the train! "All Aboard!" as buddy would say ;)
Then after we were done here (and yes, we had to drag buddy out of this place!), we headed to the lift bridge and this is what we came to see. Well actually we just wanted to walk a bit and see the lighthouses but we had perfect timing and the bridge lifted for these....

It was nice to get away and get a restart on our minds! We headed back to the cities early this morning and got a nice surprise when we got home, NOT! Graysons hair is now falling out, in chunks! Of course we knew this was going to happen but that still didnt prepare us for the actual  site of it. Just was like a punch in the stomach. 
Tomorrow morning Grayson goes in for Round 4! Emma and Buddy are still fighting a cold so they wont be able to go to daycare or go to the clinic. So, that means one of us will need to stay home with them while the other goes with Grayson. How the hell do we decide that one? Blah! 


  1. Hey hon, gosh what wonderful pictures. I am glad you guys decided to do that, I think it helped you all to get away and do something fun. Yes, Duluth is pretty awesome (just not in the winter LOL), glad you guys had fun and Wyatt loved all that cool stuff! How cool about Jesse's unit too!!!
    Thinking of you guys and keeping you close to my heart and in my prayers. Much love and bug hugs.
    ~Shannon, Dennis and Izzie Mae~

  2. Oh! The next time you come to Duluth let me know and I can find you some fun stuff to do- I'm just in Superior. :) We had Jackson's bday party at the Children's Museum and it was such a great time! If you come up in warmer weather you should take the kids either on the Pizza Train or the harbor boat cruise- both are fun and both are things my kids look forward to every summer!

  3. Jess, as I read through your post I found myself smiling at your strength. It is so amazing to see how strong you are even though I know some days, you just aren't sure. People from the outside always say "How do you do it?" and I'm sure you say the same thing I do....It's not something you have to think about, you just do it. That IS your life. I honestly think you are one of the strongest people I know. I am amazed and inspired by you!

    I'm so glad to see that you threw caution to the wind and took the kiddos out. You all look like you had a great time.

    I'm sorry to hear that Grayson's hair is falling out but I know he's going to be as cute as a button with or without hair!!!

    I'm always thinking about you and love you guys so much! Hang in there and I hope that his chemo treatment is nicer to him this week than last!

    All our love from the Gibson house to yours,

    Krystal and family.