Monday, June 6, 2011

So far we still have crabby babies! AHH!! I think they are both teething so its drama central around here! Always one of them crying it seems.
Today is our last day Dr. FREE! Tomorrow Grayson has another sleep study and Wednesday is his physical to make sure he is good to go for Thursdays surgery. They are having the sleep study done to make sure the apnea has not gotten worse in the last month being hes had changes to his facial muscles since then. If the apnea is worse they are talking about putting him on a CPAP machine at night. Not sure how they expect him to keep that thing on!
St. Judes had called back after they looked at his scan last week and said they would be doing the same chemo treatment there so its fine for us to start it here. I'm just glad we got their opinion on the scans and all that before we commit to anything here! St. Judes said they agree that it seems to be a glioma. They all are guessing because its inoperable and they can not biopsy to know 100% what it is. They also said that they don't have a pediatric neurologist at St. Judes. Weird!! Our oncologist also thought that was just odd! So I guess we are starting the chemo on Thursday after the port-a-cath placement early on Thursday morning.
I feel hopeful but also sad and mad that we have to do this at all! It just doesn't seem fair at ALL!

There is a benefit that is going to be held on
July 17, 2011
6pm-8:30pm, 9pm-11pm

Joke Joint
801 Sibley Memorial Hwy
St. Paul/Lilydale, MN

Hubby will be there for sure :)

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