Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last night was Grayson's second sleep study. Jesse brought him again and this time things ran smoother then before. Grayson seemed to be more comfortable and didn't fight sleep as much as last time either. I think maybe it wasn't as scary as the first time. Plus they didn't hook up nearly as many wires this time around.
They came home bright and early this morning and Grayson has been in a good mood today :) He had his appointment here at the clinic with our primary doctor (which we haven't seen since his 9 month checkup). It was nice to finally see her again. She said Grayson is healthy as can be by looking at him :) She also said he will be getting his 12 month check up next week with Emma but neither can get their vaccines. As well as no one in the house can get theirs. So that means Lauren cant get hers that she needs to get before starting kindergarten. I don't remember the EXACT reason but it has to deal with Grayson's chemo treatments.
The sleep study results came back saying that he didn't have any central apnea's this time! He had 16 last time so that's so crazy! But good, because now he doesn't need a monitor or CPAP machine or oxygen!! YAY!!
He had a few times where he had irregular breathing and his oxygen level went down, but his brain caught it and restarted things so that he was good.

He goes in tomorrow at 7am for his "surgery." The port placement is referred to surgery being that he IS sedated for it and they implant it in him. Click here to see a more in depth look at what I am talking about.  Then right after he wakes up from the placement we head over to oncology to have his first round of chemo. Hope everything goes well and he doesn't get sick from this stuff.
Still mad that we have to do any of this. No parent should be making the decisions we have to make and no baby should have spent most of their first year in the hospital only to spend more time there and on chemo. Just doesn't seem right! :/

Oh and it was brought to my attention by a few people that the BBQ Benefit that was scheduled on the 18th of this month  has been canceled. I was told that a few people had no idea about the cancellation so just trying to help spread the word. Id feel bad if some people showed up not knowing. So if you can please spread the word. TYIA and i really hope that doesn't come off as rude or anything of the sort! I know some people don't always check facebook but DO check our blog so I am just trying to get the info out there :) We are extremely thankful that you all want to help out our family in our time of need. We really cant thank you enough! All of your kind words and comments are nice to read :)


  1. Hey you! Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you and the family! Give Grayson a big hug for us! I am hoping everything goes well for you tomorrow! Hang in there and keep me updated!!! Much love!

    Krystal and family.

  2. Praying for your family for great things to come ahead for yall. do remember in this exhausting time to take time for yourself as well. and FYI you can get a note from doctor stating why your daughter can't have immunizations needed for school due to medical and that will clear her. :) keep your head up high and great things will come.