Monday, June 27, 2011

The last few days have been crazy! Emma must have caught a cold at daycare (oooh lovely daycare haha) and she has been super crabby since! The whole coughing and snotty thing going on and she is NOT happy about it and lets us ALL know! lol. Well now she has passed it on to Grayson. He woke up this morning with a little temp. This can turn serious for him easily being he has the port in place. Its just and invitation for any kind of infection to start so I called the oncology clinic right away at 5am to let them know and see what they thought. His temp is really low 100.1, so its kind of at the "sit and watch" stage. Which is good but scary. Hes not very happy either. His sneezing really irritates him and hes been a cuddle bug all day. I really dont mind too much though hehe. Just wish the kids werent feeling so icky. Wyatt sounds like he is losing his voice now also. Oh the joys of summer colds!
Tomorrow we were supposed to go in for pictures at Childrens, but now with sick kids I think its a no go. So sad! Its a special set up they do at the childrens cancer center and the pics are free. Not much we can do though, I dont want to bring the kids in there all sick and possibly spread something to the other kids on chemo.
Speaking of chemo, while talking with the doctor at one point today, she said that Grayson's chemo is going to have to be lowered. Ive noticed his left eyelid is more droopy just within the last few days since the last treatment. This is a side effect of the Vincristin (spelling?) that he has been getting along side the chemo and they will need to cut back on the dosage the next round.
I feel so overwhelmed with all of this. I feel hatred some days and I don't know who to really direct it at so I just have "bad" days. This whole situation just messes with my head. I need to be strong and also have those random break downs, but when I want to, I cant. Its like Ive gone numb. I know its going to get worse before it gets better and I think maybe this is why I feel numb because I know next week will be worse.
It all seems like a horrible nightmare...

On a good note, we have some really amazing people in our lives. They KNOW who they are and we love and appreciate everything you all are doing and have done for our family! It means the world to us and really helps us get through each hard day.
Click on the picture of the benefit to get all the info :)
We sure miss the girls (Riley and Lauren)!! Sure hope Grayson starts to get a little better so we can at least make one trip to see them (half way maybe) and spend a lil mini vacation and do some camping. I really dont think this is a possibility anymore but we will see :)

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