Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Been really busy around here. Seems like there just are not enough hours in the days lately. I have piles of paperwork that I need to fill out for Grayson and have slowly been getting that done. Its super annoying to do because I need to look up stuff (all his meds names) and super hard to do while taking care of a clingy Grayson and also a clingy Emma now. Wyatt always is busy being that he is 2! He soooo funny! His imagination is really quite hilarious!!
We've been trying to still live a some-what normal life with Grayson now being on the chemo treatments but its kind of hard. We have took a trip to the zoo and the kids loved it. Grayson really liked going through the fishies.
For Fathers Day we didnt really do much. Just was an off day for me so I didnt have the energy to do anything special. I seem to have days like that more often now but since Ive started embroidery in the shop Ive been forcing myself to stay positive and busy.
 "This is what Spoiled looks like" made by mommy :)

 This was what they wore for dad on fathers day. Emma's shirt says "Mommy's doll Daddy's Treasure" and Grayson's shirt says, "Dad's #1 Fan" :)
 and the writing and ribbons are gray, not pink lol my camera made them look pink hehe
Emma's first piggies :)

 Im terrified of heights sooooo, I hated that buddy made me take pics of these animals! LOL 
Tomorrow is round 3 of chemo for Mr. Grayson. 

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