Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WOW! Its been almost a week since Ive posted?? Man, I'm sure slacking on this blog!! Well I have a few things Id like to say first and then ill back track and add some photos from the last week ;)

First of all, an amazing NEW friend has set up the online benefit auction for Mr. Grayson. She is just an amazing person and without even knowing our family personally, she has done this out of the kindness of her heart! How amazing is that??! This makes me realize that there are truly GREAT people still in this world! ALL of my friends have shown my family this! We LOVE you all so much and thank you all soo much, more then we can even put into words! 
Head here to see the auction LexaMae Fancies 'n Frills you will need to "Like" her page, then scroll down on the page to see the Auction! 
This is the "Emma Bow"
Its made to go with Emma's outfits she wears along with my older girls in support for Grayson, during his doctor appointments. This bow is in the auction!!  The middle of the bow says "Pray for Grayson" LOVE it!!

The Emma Bow can also be just bought here for $20 
There are ideas in the works for little boys to wear, if you have ideas leave a comment below :)
But seriously, how frickin cute is this bow!!???? 

Tomorrow is a HUGE day for us. Grayson has his next MRI and this is the big turning point. We are praying that is has stopped growing or disappeared. If its grown he will need to start treatments. 

So we are asking everyone wear Hot Pink & Black (girls), and light blue (boys) in support for Grayson tomorrow! And please say a little (or BIG) prayer that things go GOOD and that this tumor is NOT growing and our prayers have destroyed this thing! Thank you all in advance! 

We would LOVE  to see pictures of you and your little ones sporting your colors for support! :) you can leave them on LexaMae's Page or email them to me at jessicabarry_2003 @ yahoo dot com (no spacing). 

Here are some pics of the last few days :)

Riley's Grand Day (grandparents day) at school on Friday May 6th


  1. Ill leave clothes out for the babysitter to dress the twins in tomorrow. I have to work but will be thinking of him all day. Praying for a miracle for you Grayson!!
    Can't remember my password so going to try to post without looking into anything....

  2. Oooooooo I will look for something pink and black for Izzie to wear tomorrow :) She has a pink and black flower too :) Love the new photos of the kiddos and the videos too! Big hugs and prayers for you guys tomorrow!!!

  3. I'll be praying for the lil' man tomorrow hope it is good news. Should ask the doctors if he has to have treatments about localized location in small doses for him. Praying it not needed tho! Hugs for Grayson.

  4. I somehow stubbled across your blog a few months back. I just wanted to say that you are a very strong woman and my thoughts and prayers go out to you. As a mother of twins myself (boy/girl) I am beyond amazed at what you are able to handle. I know as mothers we can somehow get through things, but you've been given way to much.

    I think about your little boy everyday and say a little prayer for him. And, I will find some bright pink and blue things for my kids.

  5. Pretty sure Wyatt has the best outfit..just sayin! :) I was gonna tell you that earlier but forgot. Give those 5 sweet babies all a squeeze from me!

  6. Lol I kno right-Sharon
    And thank you all :)