Monday, May 30, 2011

Well Ive had lots of people begging me to update the blog LOL! Sooo bad at this haha! Well as most of you know, hubby came home on Saturday! Sooo nice to have him back :)
 We made this sign for daddy! We were sooo happy to see him! And he LOVED it :)
 daddy was so happy so were the kids, few tears were shed...but happy tears :)
 my best friend <3
Our beautiful family <3

We also took a trip to St. Paul to a little train thingy. Im not sure what it was called. But ALL the boys had a blast! It was pretty neat! We will be going back :)


  1. awesome pics- glad the kids had fun- i am sure Wyatt LOVES the trains- i can't wait to see you this weekend,
    love, dad and wanda

  2. Choo Choo Bobs?? :) My nephew loves it!