Monday, May 23, 2011

Well i started typing this yesterday, but never finished lol. Its hard work being here with all the kids by myself. They are very demanding! LOL

The TWINS ARE ONE!!! They turned one yesterday! Awwww, man time sure does fly! I did a lot of thinking and looking back at pictures of them when they were just itty bitty babies. Oh and cried a ton LOL! The first birthdays always do that to me. Its bittersweet, they are getting older but they are starting to do more so its just a new chapter :)

My sister and brother left around noon yesterday and we didnt do much for partying for the twins birthday. Jesse is gone at AT so we are waiting until he get back so that he can be a part of a lot of it. I really wanted to let them eat some cake but waiting on that also. And how do you like my cake?? Yep, I made that thing all by myself!! WOOHOO! Go me :)  I dont know that Jesse would be mad either way with the cake but if it were me I would be super sad if i missed it! Sooo we will wait until the birthday party which is on Jesse birthday LOL. His birthday present is the twins birthday party lol!

Grayson would NOT wear his pants or his birthday hat LOL hes such a little stinker! LOL But thats ok with me :) it was his party 2 
I need to get going and head to bed. Its been crazy nights around here! Im not sure if the twins really dont like when dads gone (I know I sure dont!) but they dont sleep well at all! They get up a lot during the night and its so hard!
Its going to be an early day tomorrow. I need to get the kids all ready and off to daycare so I can bring Grayson to St. Paul again for his appointment with the neurologist. Finally! Im really nervous that its just going to be me and I pray I can be strong. 

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  1. Wow, they are just so sweet!!! I think you are doing a great job, mom, being on your own! Hopefully Jesse gets back soon so you can be together?! Good luck at the Dr.s appt, I hope it goes well!

    kreative.krystal at gmail dot com