Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The last few days have been super hard! Mostly because its just me here with the kids. LOTS of stress and little sleep. I get so lonely and cant seem to sleep well when I'm home "alone" with the kids. Always nervous something will happen!
Grayson has his next appointment with our neurologist on the 24th. Sounds like they are wanting him to confirm that his symptoms are related to the tumors growth. I think he just wants to see Grayson again. Seems like he cant go very long without wanting to visit with us LOL. He just Loves Grayson :)
Went for a walk today but didn't go for toooo long because it was super sunny, YEAH!! But didn't want fried babies lol.
Today Grayson decided that he was going to stand!! He did it for the very first time! He has a hard time just putting weight on his legs with someone supporting him so this was just amazing!

how silly is his laugh!?! LMAO!!

And also, since facebook put a halt to all contests, I have started up the website!! Stop by and check out the freebie! Will be doing random freebies and also auctions on there! 

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