Wednesday, May 11, 2011

 The kids wearing their colors to support Mr. Grayson <3
 Buddy being the silly boy like always :)

Today was Grayson's MRI, again. So, again we went to Childrens and had a horrible time! The knowledge of the doctors is good, the nurses are horrible, and I know more then they do (but I also have a nursing background lol).  
This time he was fully sedated and had a tube placed for breathing, because with his apnea, the neurologist didn't feel comfortable not placing a tube. Check in was at 7am and he didn't get into the MRI room until 930, PATHETIC and totally pissed me off! Grayson had not had anything to eat or drink since 11pm the night before because you need an empty stomach for the MRI. So mom was NOT happy! 

He finally was in, and we were waiting for around an hour and half-two hours. It was a LONG wait! Super stressful, but when we got to go see him I was just so relieved! He did really well waking up and didn't seem to have an upset stomach or anything. He was NOT happy about the IV that was in his hand though. He kept trying to take it off. But once the nurse came in with some formula he could care less about the IV. He was a hungry boy! LOL He had 5 of those little bottles (2oz each)!! hah! He was good to go after that and has been napping a lot through out the afternoon. Think a lot was taken out of him, poor lil dude! :(
We didn't get answer right away. I called the oncologist before we even left the parking lot nicely demanding answers. Well she called back and said she had the results of the scan. 
Not what we were hoping for....the tumor has grown more. The oncologist said shes worried now that the apnea is caused from the tumor. She was the only one of the team of doctors working on Graysons case that has seen the scan so they were all going to get the copy and go over it tonight and tomorrow morning and then call us tomorrow with what they think we need to do. Its gotten really serious now with the growth and it causing breathing problems. She said that Graysons case is very unique and rare. They don't usually see babies at such a young age with this going on. Hes so young they are afraid of the outcome if they start treatments. Will it be worth it in the end? Need to see what all the other doctors think.
Tumor stats:

On a good note...We had a visitor! Grandpa came to visit :) He was down here for business, but it was soo nice to get to see him! Grayson was all cuddly with him :)

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