Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Its been busy around here, amazing huh? LOL Well so far the potty training with Buddy is going GREAT! He likes wearing his big boy "unnerwears" and he will sit on the potty chair without me reminding him now. So happy!! Hope it stays this way :)
sorry if the video is crappy lol

We are going to be getting some new car seats for the twins! Waiting for them to get to Walmart (did the site to store thing). Super excited!! It took a while for me to find the right seat that I wanted to buy, i researched like crazy and this one seemed to be a decent price and great reviews! 

But cant believe the twins are soon going to be 1!! I SOOO need to start planning their birthday. But i just cant get into the mood knowing he has an MRI coming up next Wednesday. Just kinda puts me in a funk. :/

Aren't they cute!!?? EEK!! Cant wait! :)

Also, there has been an auction set up by an awesome new friend of ours over at LexaMae Fancies 'n Frills on facebook. We are looking for any donations for the auction and they need to be emailed to Please include a picture of the item being donated, along with shipping info (free or not) and a link to your business page or facebook fan page. Items need to be submitted by Sunday May 8th at 8pm. The Auction will run May 9-11th. 
If you can not donate but want to be a part of the auction head on over and "Like" her page!! :) Feel free to spread the word about the auction and thank you in advance. For more info click the picture below, or to find the link to repost and tell your friends :) Our family thanks you all so much and seriously couldn't be more grateful for all the amazing people that have entered our lives and are helping us through this really difficult time  We LOVE you! :)


  1. Jess, this is amazing. This just proves that there are still good people in the world!!! :) Much love!

  2. Just started following your blog. my prayers with you through all of this "speedbump".

    we have the same car seat for our two year old & i love it and can't wait to get one for our 8m old! i love that it grows with your child.

  3. thank you! and yes Krystal, it really does!!