Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger was down yesterday so I will post the new update now since its finally working! The oncologist had a chance to talk with almost everyone that is working on Grayson's case. They all talked about the new scan and the amount of growth and also the new finding of the apnea. They all agree that they think Grayson should start on chemo. 

The neurosurgeons said they are all worried that with the delay in messaging for breathing that this could easily get worse with this growth (hope this makes sense). 
So, now we are just waiting to see what the neurologist thinks. If he agrees with everyone else then the oncologist said that they would like to start Grayson on chemo as early as next week. She said its just getting risky with it causing breathing difficulty. Which worries me also, but i wish it had not come to this point. I was praying so hard and had my hopes super high that this tumor had NOT grown, but that's just not the case. 
She talked a little about the chemo he would be on. They would place a port-a-cath in and we would need to go in the the cancer clinic 1-2 times a week for the chemo meds put in, and she said it would last through the fall for sure it sounded like. ugh! :(  She said that most of the patients that take the kind he would have don't usually lose all their hair (but its always possible) and he shouldn't get sick while taking it. She said he could be home with us and do all the family things like swimming and playing and all that! At least is the best news out of all the crap. He can still be home and be a kid. 
Still waiting to hear from the neurologist so wont know more until probably Monday. 

Today we got some new presents in the mail! 
Thank you grandma & pop!!! <3
LOVE these seats! They take up less room then the infant seats.
Sooo cute :) cant thank ya both enough! don't know if we could have
ever been able to afford them ourselves :/

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