Saturday, April 30, 2011

Well yesterday we did find out that Grayson does have reflux. The tech said on a scale of 1-5 Grayson is around at least a 3. So now we know he will need to take some meds for the reflux and the tech said try and keep him elevated. But we havent heard from the doctor yet. Monday im guessing...
Today is just a chill day. Its raining out and just praying the kids want to relax and watch movies for the rest of the afternoon lol!
Grayson has been super crabby, doing his screaming fits again. Not sure what they are all about, if its just him being whiney or if there is pain from the tumor. No idea! Hate not knowing. :/
So now we wait..again. I still think no one will let us know anymore answers until after the next MRI on May 11th. So just hoping we can keep busy and sane until then :)

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  1. My daughter has GERD and we have a this great thing by fisher price. its a rock n play sleeper and she sleeps on it every night cuz its at an angle. I dont know how big he is or if this would even help Grayson, but its a suggestion! If you have any questions regarding reflux feel free to ask! We have been dealing with this since she was born so we have learned a lot! We are praying for the little trooper and strength for the family :)