Sunday, April 3, 2011

We made cupcakes!!! Or, as Wyatt calls them, "pupcakes." LOL silly boy!  :) Got most of the things done on my list before noon! Heck yeah!! Was so excited to start making the cupcakes. Grayson and Emma watched me while I baked them, apparently I am quite entertaining. hah!

They turned out great! They all had a blast decorating them, if you couldn't tell :)
And the whole time they were decorating the cupcakes, Grayson was banging on his tray and kept making all kinds of crazy noises. He wanted a cupcake!!! LOL

Its been a long day, but productive! Got lots of things done today. Even made Emma a new onesie. Ive been really wanting to try doing lil ruffle butts for her but just haven't wanted to attempt it. But today I did! YAY! This is how it turned out. Sorry the pics kind of turned out bad. I really need a new camera. The two I have just aren't cutting it. 

Well that concludes this Sunday Funday, now just a countdown until Grayson's appt on Wednesday. Ugh! :(

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  1. Awwwwwww we hahaha! Adorable! And yummmmmm! Now you made me wanna go make some too hahaha! :)