Monday, April 11, 2011

Today was much better than yesterday. Not a great day, but better! I know I shouldn't of let that stuff get to me, just really made me mad. Wont get into details, just going to brush it off and think of better and more positive things. Like the fact that we are super blessed!

Grayson is crawling around like crazy and is getting a side tooth in. Emma is still not crawling, but I think she just doesn't want to lol. She is getting her top teeth in! They definitely are two different kids! Grayson is crabby as can be and really clingy, Emma is her normal happy self and if you didn't stick your finger in her mouth to check for teeth then you just wouldn't know lol.

Ive also came across some new friends that are dealing with similar situations with their little babies. Its not the ideal way to come to know people, but it really helps in such a hard time. Its nice to talk to someone that feels that pain that you feel, the kind that you cant really find words for to describe to others that don't know it.

I want to thank everyone that has sent a card :) I have finally hung them up and I just love walking by and seeing them. <3

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