Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today was horrible. Just plain horrible. This morning we dropped Lauren, Wyatt and Emma off at daycare. This was Emma's very first time at daycare so I was worried about that. I just wasn't sure how she would be in a new place, lots of other little babies, and adults she didn't know. She didn't cry when we walked out of the room so I felt a little better, but still was sad leaving her there. I knew Wyatt and Lauren would be fine and they were. 
The appoint was just not what we were expecting and we were NOT prepared for it. It was at Childrens this time and they do things differently then at Gillette. They put Graysons IV in in the room with us and he screamed and it was horrible. Jesse and I held his hands and tried to calm him down and I cried right along with him. I was just not prepared for this. Then, they had us be in the MRI room with him while they gave him the sedation. It was horrible. He was looking at us one second and sleeping the next, but kind of with his eyes open, ugh! So then came the waiting in the waiting room, that was boring as can be and no tv to entertain us. An hour and half later he was wheeled out on his little bed and he was still hooked up to the monitors. We then were brought to a "short stay" area where he was to wake up and get the IV out and then we could go home once he was ok. As if things weren't pissing me off enough, the nurses just weren't on top of things at all. Then a lady from lab came over and said she needed to get blood work. Which we were told was done while he was sleeping, and this was the plan in the first place! He was to have an MRI, Ct scan, spinal tap, lab work, and urine all done while under the sedation. When he was wheeled out to us, the Dr said he had the lab work done by her. Ok, so why the hell is this lady saying no labs were done! Ugh. We were at our breaking point. We just wanted to take Grayson and go home. This is how it was supposed to go anyways, but the lady wanted to do the labs so we didn't know what to do. They called around and there wasn't enough blood drawn apparently. She poked at one arm and couldn't get it and on to the other arm, I wanted to just smack her. I know, evil thinking....but that's my baby! She finally got it and then the Dr comes to check on him and is question the blood draw. Apparently it wasn't needed. OMG, wow. I am not taking my son back Childrens. People say they have great nurses and doctors and its such a great place, well we didn't see that. 
Ok, well I had to edit this part...we just now got the phone call we were waiting for! Yay! Everything came back good! There was something that showed on the his liver-fatty. But in the labs it didn't send a red flag that there is an issue with how the liver is functioning. The oncologist said she will have a further look into this but being that the liver is still doing what its supposed to, its good for now. So we know that there are no other tumors in the body. There were some labs done specifically for cancers and we will find out on them next week. So I'm relieved a little. Just a little worried about the liver thing now. 
On a different note, we are watching Extreme Couponing....these people are crazy hahah! But that would be nice to walk into the store and get $1200 worth for $50! Cant do that around here though. 
Oh, and Emma did good at daycare. They said she cried a few times but did great for it being her first time. And of course Wyatt and Lauren were just fine. All in all....we are home, Grayson is still smiling and happy (he is amazing) and tomorrow is a new and better day. 


  1. Jess, I just love you! You are so strong and you are truly an inspiration!!! I'm SO SO SO glad you got a little good news!!! It is so wonderful that he doesn't have any other tumors in his body! YAY!!!

    I watched Extreme Couponing too. Where do I sign up??? I'm so gonna do it at least once.... Hahahaha.

    Anyway, hope you have a great day tomorrow. Take care and give those kiddos a hug from the Gibson Gang! :)

  2. Bless him....that bring tears to my eyes, poor little sweetie, thinking of you :) x

  3. Praise the Lord!!!

  4. Omg I don't think I would go back there either hon. Wow way to NOT be organized and on top of things being filed properly and whatnot. And way to NOT keep parents and kids occupied with something in the waiting room. Sheesh. I am glad that is over tho, and you are on to the next step and have gotten some GOOD news!! Yay! Thinking of you guys always, and wishing, hoping and praying for the best. Keep being strong Jess, you are doing a FANTASTIC job, even when you feel like you are barely hanging on, you still are hanging on :) I know you have says where you are worn down and broke down, and I know there will be more days like that, and it is actually GOOD to have days like that, because it helps you release some of the built up stuff you h ave been trying to be strong for, and you are only human. Love and hugs to you all, just think, Summer is soon coming and you can go for walks and stuff and it will be great for everyone to be distracted and out doing something :) *BIG HUG*

  5. Wow you had an experience at Children's like we did! I heard so many great things about them and we had to go there and I was less than satisfied, actually I was very disappointed! I'm sure it probably wasn't the same children's but the general idea! That is so wrong! I'm sorry you had to go through this but Thank God everything is okay with him! We know how scary the diagnosis of a sick baby is! You did a great job it sounds like!!