Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today was a better day, finally! Emma has calmed down a bit from her little screaming and crying fits. Poor kiddo, hate when they are teething! So hard on everyone :( 
Although this morning I did wake up to this stuff. Come on, I thought winter was over!!?? 

Grayson has still been throwing up a lot more each day. Its not much, about the size of a half dollar each time. But frequent throughout the day ugh! 
No better way to start your morning then doing a puzzle or two.

Brought down 4 totes of baby clothes today and got 2 of them marked for the garage sale. Man, its amazing how much clothes a tiny little kid can have! Guess that's kinda my fault ahhaha kid clothes are so cute! But slowly going through and cleaning this house out! We are getting rid of lots of things that aren't needed. YAY! Cant wait to have my house back.
We need to start looking into baby gates! Grayson is on the go, he tried to stairs now so its that time to set some boundaries for this little guy before he gets hurt. 

The kids did some crafts today and got some early gifts from the Easter Bunny!! Here's some cute pics from today :) Thank you Easter Bunny :D

 I feel like I got 'peeps' on my back also boy!
 helping mom with the totes...or not helping lol!
 the final product!! :)

 oooh yours has this little thing...
 look grayson urs has one 2 so leave mine alone!
 ooh yeah ur right emma it does...hmmm
see so now you can leave mine alone! hahahah

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  1. Glad you had a better day. The kids did a great job on their little banks! The peeps pics are hysterical!!