Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today I called the neurologist right away and let him know about the whole not breathing issue the other day and he called back pretty quickly to my surprise and next thing you know we had an appointment for a sleep study! So Jesse and Grayson are at St. Paul Gillette today and tomorrow to see what is going on with his breathing and if he is having episodes during the night where he stops breathing. He also has an appointment tomorrow with a pulmonary specialist in infants with sleep apnea. They are worried that the tumor may be blocking signals for breathing while he laying flat sleeping. Ugh! So scary! But at least now we should know more.
Of course I cant text Jesse, the phone service kind of sucks there I guess. He did tell me something crazy, they are in room 4222...which the twins were born on the 22nd and I always told Jesse I would have them on May 22nd and sure enough I did. He still thinks I'm crazy for this! LOL! Then I ended up being in room 22 before the c-section and the room we went to after delivery was 222 with 2 babies! LOL LOTS of 2s!! This is a whole different hospital so its just kinda weird! Hope it means he will be safe and angels are taking care of him there. :)

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  1. aww im glad the dr responded so quickly! apnea is very scary :/ i hope they get this figured out for you! another thing thats great (my daughter has severe acid reflux) is the rock play sleeper by fisher price or the AR wedges. she sleeps in it every night and it is a lifesaver!