Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today after Riley was off to school the rest of us went on a little drive. We went and surprised uncle Scott at work! Its been a while since we've seen him so we thought it would be nice to go visit with him. Grayson wasn't sure about it, hes been doing that stranger anxiety stuff lately where he whines and will cuddle up to either me or Jesse. He doesn't want to go to anyone else. I think its because he is always with me or Jesse and when we do go bring him somewhere else its usually the clinic/hospital and they hurt him so he just associates new people with pain. Poor little guy :(
We hung out for a little bit and then let Scott get back to work lol. We went to MOA and walked around but it was kid Tuesday so there was tons of kids and it was kind of annoying. I just wasn't in the mood. We ended up just coming home, and when we finally sat down and put Grayson down to play he screamed and was pulling at his ear, lots! So I made an appointment and brought him in. We saw a Dr that we've seen a few times so that was nice and he knows Graysons case. He said Graysons ears look a little bit pink so he gave him some meds for it and hopefully that is just all that's going in. I also mentioned that the other day during an afternoon nap I checked on Grayson and he wasn't breathing, I stood over him staring at him stomach and could plainly see it wasn't moving, I counted to 30 and nothing so I grabbed his leg and scared the hell out of him and he took a huge breath. The Dr said with him being a twin he is at a much higher risk for SIDS and to call the neurologist in the morning and let them know whats going on. The tumor may be affecting his breathing somehow or pushing on nerves when he is laying flat causing a delay in the breathing. Ugh! So that means I wont be sleeping much now. He said there are monitors that we should really look into getting. But we just don't have the money for them right now, I'm trying to figure out a way to get one ordered tonight or even going and picking one up tomorrow morning. I don't think ill sleep until we get one.

It can detect the movements/breathing and if they go 20 seconds without either then a little alarm with sound. 
Its over $100 so that sucks, but if it saves us him, and also some sleep I guess we will find a way. We will have 2!
On a different note, Buddy is soo funny! I bought him these cars and trucks the other day and also some little tractors and they are from Bob the Builder. He LOVES them!! He even brings them to bed with him and says goodnight to them hahah!! When we go and run errands we have to make a special trip to drive by this road they are doing construction on because he just loves looking at all of the "tractors."  
Everyday he NEEDS to watch Mickie Mouse first and then Thomas the Train. He is just in love with trains so Jesse is wanting to take him to Duluth to see the train things there! Hoping we will still be able to do fun family things this summer. 


  1. You should check out www.snuza.com they have portable monitors that just clip on to your babies diaper so it can go wherever.

  2. wow! thank you, we are in love with the idea of this thing, being he doesnt always nap in his crib so I love that this is portable!! thank you soooooo much! I have never heard of this thing so I cant thank you enough for telling me :D

  3. yes the snuzza is portable and you can get them a little cheaper on amazon. but first i would talk to your dr because my daughter had a prob with that and come to find out she has sleep apnea and had some problems when she was littler that put her more at risk for SIDS as well. But they set us up with home health care and they brought us out an apnea monitor. That might be cheaper for ya if insurance covers it. Hope this helps! Sorry to hear this, I know how scary it is to not see your child breathing :/