Sunday, April 10, 2011

Take me out to the ball game

Well Grayson has not been a happy boy lately. Hes getting another tooth in so im just hoping that is to blame. But of course we always think the worst. I'm just so nervous and 4 weeks sounds so far away. I think I said this already, but the next MRI is in 4 weeks. It's nice to think that we get a whole 4 weeks with our doctor driving to hospitals :) I really want to make the best of it.
Well yesterday was simply amazing! At 9am 5 ladies from the yellow ribbon came to the house and cleaned top to bottom! I felt so embarrassed that my house had got so out of hand, but I know deep down that I was just not able to keep up with household things. Especially with what Grayson  is going through. Its almost like it drains the whole family of our energy and we are left just feeling helpless and empty. But yes, these ladies were just sooo awesome! One of the ladies even brought her teenage daughter and her boyfriend and they entertained the older kids, that in itself was just awesome.
Also, they made it possible for our family of 7 to go to the twins game last night. We were wondering how we were going to do this. My husband wanted the boys to go to their first ball game this summer, but if the tumor is still growing is sounds like Grayson will be on treatments soon. *we're still praying and praying that for some reason this tumor just stops growing. We're praying for a miracle, he's ten months old, we shouldn't be writing a list of things we want to do with him this summer "just in case!!" This makes me so sad and mad!* But seeing the MN Twins play was #1 on the list, and financially was just not going to happen being that we save everything that's left after paying bills so that we have money to make it to appointments.
But, the Yellow Ribbon amazed us. I cant even find the words to say how I feel. I cant even find the words to say how thankful we are. Our family had such an amazing time! Not only that, Grayson seemed to have the most fun! He was jumping around and yelling towards the field the whole time! I feel so happy that my son (and all the kids) had the biggest smiles on that I have ever seen.
These MN twins are ready to watch the MN Twins play ball!!!!


We got there early and at the start they had a little boy throw the first pitch. He had cancer. Ugh....of course we were having a great time and not even thinking "Grayson has a tumor," until this. But the little boy had went to Mayo and is right now cancer free. Maybe it was a sign that we are supposed to go to Mayo now?

Back to the Yellow Ribbon-they also gave us a few cards from some people around town that really felt for us.
'Dear Military Family Members,
I want to thank you for the sacrifice you have made to preserve our nations' freedom. Your long nights, lonely days, times of fear, hours of worry and seasons of stress are not unnoticed by those of us who enjoy our freedom.
Thank you!'

'Dear American Soldier and Family,
I am not certain as to how to express my gratitude for all of you have done to secure my freedom. Please accept this simple card as a token of my appreciation.
A grateful American citizen'

'Dear fellow military family,
Please know we are thinking of you all at this time.
Yellow Ribbon'

Its amazing what a card can do, how it can make you feel. Sometimes we just feel so alone while going through such a tough and horrible situation that no parent in the world ever wants to go through. So the cards and kind words just really lift our spirits and make us feel and see how many people do care. We cant thank you all enough. <3


  1. catching up on your story (via a link from a friend on FB).

    Just wanted to say hello! I am from MN :-) I now live in WI but I get back to MN often. How fun to get to a Twins game, we are hoping to get to one soon...

  2. I love this, Jess! How awesome. I'm so glad your family had an amazing time! You all look great! :)

    Talk to ya soon!

    kreative.krystal at gmail dot com

  3. When we were in the cities last weekend garrick met the girls and i at the mall after he got done with reserves. he was still in his uniform, which is not unusual since we're used to him always in uniform when we were active duty. well he had barely even been there a half hour and so many people came up to him, shook his hand and thanked him for his service. It always makes me tear up when people do that. I was so overwhelmed with emotion seeing those people thank my husband. One guy got done talking with him and then pointed to me and said 'you too, thanks for all you do too!' It really ment a lot, and brings tears to my eyes even now. I'm so glad you guys are getting taken care of. Its so nice to get out and have fun without worrying about a messy house or other things. You guys deserve it!

  4. saw your blog from a friend's link on facebook. I am so glad you got to have a great time. I am so sorry for what your little boy & your family has to deal with right now. I am also a military wife. Thoughts & prayers are with you.