Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1st

Super tired today. I just want to sit back and relax, and I actually could..but all I think about is the stress of the next week. We need to make sure we have the daycare set up and everything is a go for Wednesday. Which is Grayson's appt. Oh, and today I also got a call from the neuro-oncologist and she said that the doctors have talked with each other, and they all agree with the "plan" that is set in place. They all agree with the list of things that are being done on Wednesday also, but did add a urine sample to that list. So now he is going to be having the MRI of the spine, CT of the body, spinal tap, lab work, and also urine sample. Oh my poor baby boy! I guess the silver lining would be that its all being done at once, while he is sedated.
I'm trying to make some new patterns for appliques for boy shirts. This is what I came up with today with some scrap fabric.

Also, my husband  and I have decided to get a divorce. Its just not working between us, but we will still both be here for the kids.


  1. That better be a damn April Fool's Joke girlie...otherwise....that makes me super sad!

  2. I sure hope this is an April fool's thing because you have so much to deal with already. Your family and Grayson is in my prayers daily..

  3. Oh that's a bad joke LMAO...I have seen people split due to stress from situations kind of like this...but I know there is no way this would happen with you guys...if anything it brings you CLOSER. You silly joker...LOL.... ;) xxx

  4. I don't like that joke!! NOT NICE!!! >:(


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