Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sorry I have been MIA. Its been very stressful around here to say the least. I do want to take a second and say a huge Thank You to all of our amazing family and great friends that are here to support us (well not here, here LOL) but I couldn't stay this strong if it wasn't for those of you that lend an ear to listen to me babble on at all hours of the night :) Heart you!!!!!!!!!!! You help me through each and everyday. 
Today we took a lil road trip to St. Peter MN and stopped in at Patricks to have lunch. This is what we came across...Read the 'Chuck Norris' description...
That's right...2-1lb patties plus a grilled cheese sandwich in the middle LOL sooo of course we had to see what this thing looked like...
yes, its the size of a small child! LMAO!
It fed our family...twice haha! 
It was a crazy combo, the grilled cheese and the burger but it really tasted super delish and I'm not much of a burger person. It is a must try :) This place was soo cool!! 

 Showing off her french fry!!!! 

It was so nice to get out and go do something before Graysons next doctor appointment, tomorrow! Ugh!
He will be having an upper GI scope thing, I guess I'm not even sure whats all going to happen it just all sounds scary. Will hopefully be in a decent mood tomorrow so that I can post how the appointment goes. They are checking to see that when Grayson has the episodes of the central apneas at night, that he is at least protecting his air way. Not sure what will be done if he isn't protecting it (not allowing food/spit to come up and possibly enter the lungs). 

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  1. LOL that burger is AWESOME!!! I'd try it! I'd have to SHARE it of course hahaha! Mmmmmm I LOVVVE burgers, my fave food along with french fries and mashed taters haha!! That is awesome. LOL @ the look on Grayson's face looking at that burger...he totally wants some haha!! Glad you guys got to do something FUN together!

    I hope the appt today went well. Thinking about you guys always and ALWAYS sending prayers. <3

    Lots of love and hugs to you guys!! :)

    ~Shannon, Dennis & Izzie Mae~